Vilnius – Riga- Tallinn 2016

Reflections in art / in a memory of 13 / 01 / 1991

13.01 – 14.02.2016. AUL Gallery, Vilnius. GALERY OF ARTIST’S UNION OF LITHUANIA

Baltic States culture, unfortunately, is still infiltrated with reflections of the painful past. But probably it can not be different – too little time had passed since these experiences, which have been dominating in art context for a long time. Nowadays these reflections acquire different types of shape, talks in today‘s actual language, still remains publicly conscious. Although this sore foretime recedes, however never will be left behind.

With this exposition we want to show, how artist signifies his position, how demonstrates social, political realms and personal inner status. Here all the time is focused on a person and his surroundings. This is a motif, which unifies the objects of contemplation in creative practive of the artists of this exhibition.

Our aim is not to depict directly the period of barricades and resistance: this exposition – is like a specific transformation of the space and time, preserving the content or it‘s concequences of this historical time, but perceiving it from the perspective of presence. Artworks are united by the same past, though is is vizualised in different medias. Artists are from the different generations, so it is very interesting to compare their diverse perceptions and attitudes.

Maybe this discourse will be one of the main predominant themes in Baltic Sates art for a while. Today, on the threshold of changing generations, historical experience gains various hues, but still remains one of the most actual keynotes for creation. Our mutual past wasn‘t only painful: a great determination and self-sacrifice had been already penetrated into to our collective consciousness. For this brutal past we are thankful for this is who we are.
Curator Evelina Januškaitė
Organizer Lithuanian Artists‘ Association.
Partners Latvian Artists‘ Union, Estonian Artists‘ Association, Embassy of Republic of Lithuania in Latvia.
Curators Evelina Januškaitė (LT), Ieva Smilge (LV), Tiiu Rebane (EE).